Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC7

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High-quality ultramicrotome for precise room temperature and cryo-sectioning.

Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC7 is a high-quality tool for sectioning of specimens for light, electron and atomic force microscopy. It has never been easier and more precise.

Precise manipulation of the obtained section is possible by the stereomicroscope with higher magnification than ever before. Optionally, it is possible to equip the microscope with a camera, enabling imaging of the process on an external monitor. For sectioning the preparation, either glass knives (obtained from knifemaker Leica KMR3) or diamond knives are used.

  • Ability to control cutting speed;
  • Feed step adjustment;

Ergonomic design and innovative technology.

Leica EM UC7 sets new standards. It offers many unique features and benefits for operators: both for more experienced operators and beginners, thanks to the help files and displaying intuitive hints.

Innovative control unit with advanced 10.4” touch screen.

It enables fast, intuitive and secure control of the entire process, which can be done automatically after programming. In addition, each user can save their own settings on a USB stick, which will be loaded after connecting




• Possibility of receiving sections in the range ≤ 15 μm
• Adjustable cutting window
• Automatic feed with specimen motor
• 360 degree rotating knife block
• Adjustable knife angle
• Various holders for specimens available
• LED lighting system for top, spot, bottom and trans lighting with adjustable intensity
• Control via touch control panel
• Additional functions enabling counting the total number of sections, measuring knife offset, counting the set number of cut sections
• Five settings for section thickness and cutting speed can be saved
• Available anti-vibration table with sliding armrests for increased work comfort


• Expansion with a Leica FC7 cryogenic chamber for material sectioning at temperatures as low as -185 ° C.
• Leica EM UC7RT version available, dedicated to work at room temperaturę
• ARTOS 3D- version for serial collection of sections for 3D reconstruction