High-capacity 2 or 3 axes programmable automatic cutting machine Cutlam 5.0

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The CUTLAM®5.0 is a pedestal-mounted machine with an integrated recirculation/decanter tank. It represents the ultimate equipment in terms of high-capacity programmable automatic cutting machines. Power and advanced control of the cutting steps will guarantee first class efficiency and productivity. All cutting modes are possible. Automatic or manual cutting.
Continuous automatic cutting with ingenious feed speed control:
The feed speed is pre-set, and will be automatically reduced if the load on the cutting wheel increases. The pre-set speed returns when the load on the screen decreases. It improves the quality of the cut by limiting the thermal damages over the samples. It is suitable for irregular samples and/or material with heterogeneous hardness. It prevents the wheel from breaking in case of overload. It allows you to work at maximum speed without any risk of damage.
Automatic sequential cutting for maximum cooling. Plunge cutting, horizontal feed cutting and oscillating cutting. Repetitive parallel cutting.



Wheel355 mm (400 mm optional)
Standard flangesØ100 mm
Max cutting capacityØ 127 mm (with Ø 355 mm wheel) + opening on left and right hand side for long parts
Passage under the wheel252,5 mm (Ø 355 mm wheel)
Vertical movementZ axis stroke 350 mm, speed from 0,1 to 25 mm/sec, speed advanced 50 mm/sec
Longitudinal movementY axis stroke 350 mm speed from 0,1 to 25 mm/sec advanced speed 50 mm/sec
Transversal movementX axis stroke 120 mm (optional)
LubrificationRecirculation system, 140 litres, on casters

Cleaning system integrated, with a shower head outside of the cutting chamber

Motor power5,5 kW
Rotational speedVariable, from 1000 to 4000 rpm
TableTreated aluminium and interchangeable stainless

Steel plate, W 408 x D 422 mm

Type of grooveT-slots 12 mm (4 longitudinal, 6 transversal)
LighteningLED strip
ProtectionCover with locking system
BodySteel coated with epoxy paint
Voltage400 Volts – 50 Hz (three-phase + ground)
Dimensions (W x H x D)877 (+ 600 mm with control panel) x 1727 x 1800 mm

(H. cover open 2272 mm)

Weight750 kg
Reference60 CT50A 00