D- LAB diaphragm pumps

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Edwards’ D-LAB family of diaphragm pumps offers clean pumping capability in a lightweight and compact design, making them an ideal choice for many laboratory applications. These pumps can operate independently and require minimal maintenance. They are divided into 1-head and 2-head models, with pumping rates up to 2m3h-1.

D-LAB pumps are equipped with Teflon chemical resistant heads, diaphragms and Kalrez® valves making them highly valued especially in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories. The 1-head pumps with a final pressure of 100 mbar are suitable for use with dryers or to replace water-jet pumps. 2-head pumps, which achieve a vacuum of 8 mbar, are used in evaporators, gas transfer and other medium vacuum applications.


• Completely lubricant-free, maintenance-free and quiet
• Modular design and 6 different pumping capacities – optimized for your specific application
• All parts of the pump in contact with gases are resistant to aggressive substances (PFTE, FFKM, PVDF)

Technical parameters

Pumping speed (air)
10-100, 10-80.6 m3h-1, 10 lmin-1
20-100, 20-81.2 m3h-1, 20 lmin-1
34-100, 34-82 m3h-1, 34 lmin-1
Final vacuum
10-100, 20-100, 34-100100 mbar 50Hz, 75 mbar 60Hz
10-8, 20-8, 34-88 mbar 50Hz, 6 mbar 60Hz
Inlet/exhaust flangeFluted nozzle, suitable for hoses with an inside diameter of 9 mm
Maximum inlet pressure1 bar
Motor power and current
10-100, 110V 60Hz110 W 1.3 A
10-100, 220-240V 50Hz100 W 0.6 A
20-100, 110V 60Hz145 W 1.9 A
20-100, 220-240V 50Hz130 W 0.9 A
34-100, 110V 60Hz220 W 3.2 A
34-100, 220-240V 50Hz180 W 1.4 A
10-8, 100V 60Hz110 W 1.3 A
10-8, 220-240V 50Hz90 W 0.6 A
20-8, 110V 60Hz130 W 1.2 A
20-8, 220-240V 50Hz120 W 0.9 A
34-8, 110V 60Hz250 W 3.2 A
34-8, 220-240V 50Hz200 W 1.5 A
Housing classIP44
Operating temperature range5 – 40 ºC
10-1005.8kg / 12.8lbs
20-1007.1kg / 15.6lbs
34-10010.3kg / 22.7lbs
10-86.9kg / 15.2lbs
20-89.3kg / 20.5lbs
34-812.6kg / 27.7lbs