Sparc emission spectrometer Q8 Magellan

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Q8 MAGELLAN is a sparc emission spectrometer setting new standards with respect to technology, reliability, flexibility, and handling. It is the first spectrometer worldwide that offers a previously unseen quality of analysis because of its unlimited combination possibilities of measurement parameters. It is the only vacuum spectrometer featuring photomultipliers, digital plasma generator, unlimited single-spark- and time resolution and a heavy duty, low-maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon flow. Extremely low maintenance and tailored software underline the exceptional quality of this uncompromised product for elemental analysis in the metal producing and processing industries

Newly developed electronics, detectors, optical components and information technology ensure that Q8 MAGELLAN dramatically differs from the broad range of spectrometers on the market.

An optional solution is the MCI software package (Metal purity inspection), which statistically evaluates individual pulses (sparks) generated by non-metallic inclusions. The main features of optional software are:

Total oxygen content

Oxides and sulfides inlusions

Grain size distribution of different oxide and sulfide types (e.g. Aluminum oxide, Ca aluminate, Mg spinel)


Optical system

  • Paschen Runge / 750 mm
  • Wavelength range: 110 nm – 800 nm
  • Up to 128 analytical channels
  • Single vacuum optic


Discharge time 10 µs to 2 ms

  • 200 A peak current

Max. 1000 Hz spark sequence


Adapter for analyzing wire 1 – 5 mm in diameter, adapter for analyzing wire 3 – 12 mm in diameter, adapter for testing small samples, adapter for testing thin sheets, MLG11 grinder for spectral samples, argon reducer