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DCC X-Beam for Monochromatic Excitation

DCC X-Beam™ is an X-ray excitation system that generates a focused, monochromatic X-ray beam by integrating a source an innovative doubly-curved crystal (DCC) optic. This turn-key solution integrates a high-quality X-ray beam using a low-power source delivering breakthrough performance in the most demanding analytical instruments.

Its compact size and beam intensity stability enables seamless retrofitting with customer instruments.

  • Extremely high flux density
  • Enhanced spatial resolution for focusing X-ray beams
  • Integrated air-cooled system
  • Integrated shutter module meets PTB regulations
  • PCS50 controller available for end-users (optional feature)


Extremely high flux density

Orders of magnitude flux gain from micron-sized spot
• Integration with compact, low-power sources provides flux equivalent to rotating anode sources
• Broad spectral bandwidth: 50 eV- 50 KeV
• Point-to-point focusing beam
• Point-to-parallel beam
• Custom designed enclosure available

Enhanced spatial resolution for focusing X-ray beams

Extremely high flux density
• Increased spatial resolution
• Ideal for analysis of irregular shaped, unprepared, or low-Z samples

Integrated air-cooled system

• Enhanced detection sensitivity
• No special sample preparation needed
• Operation in air

Integrated shutter module meets PTB regulations

Evaluation of small features
• Elemental mapping
• Film/plating thickness
• Detection of micro-contamination
• Multi-layered coatings for advanced circuit boards
• Small particle analysis
• Forensics
• Powder XRD
• Single crystal XRD