G6 Galileo ONH elemental analyzer

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The G6 LEONARDO is based on the inert gas fusion (IGF) principle, which involves fusion of the sample material in a graphite crucible at high temperatures. The gas fusion analysis (GFA) principle is also commonly termed melt extraction (ME) since the total oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen is extracted by an inert carrier gas when the sample melts.

The three non-metals Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N) and Hydrogen (H) determine the quality, service life and mechanical properties of all metallic materials. The amount of O, N and H sometimes changes considerably along the entire process chain, from the production of raw materials to the completion of the finished product. Even when present in trace amounts, O, N and H have a very critical effect on the material properties.

Optimized with user-friendly features

The G6 LEONARDO with SampleCareTM technology deploys the reliable Smart Molecule SequenceTM for robust and precise elemental analysis of ONH. With its pre-calibrated standard methods and argon carrier gas instead of helium, the G6 LEONARDO addresses the needs of industrial process and quality control for easy and cost-effective operation.

The G6 LEONARDO is available as single (O, N, or H) or dual element (ON or OH) analyzer. The analyzer comes with preconfigured methods for standard applications like: ON or H in steel and Titanium, O in Copper, OH in magnetic materials and metal powders for additive manufacturing and is also applicable for other inorganic material like glass and ceramics.


Carrier Gases: Ar (O, N),  He (O, N),  N2 (H) , each 99,995%

purity (99,9990% for trace analysis)



400 – 480 VAC (± 10 %), 50 – 60 Hz, 32 A, 7 kVA,

1 Phase plus N or 2 Phase,


Depth:  600 mm

Height: 830 mm

Width:  800 mm

Weight : ok. 145 kg (depending on configuration)