Leica EM ACE900

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Freeze fracture describes the technique of breaking a frozen specimen to reveal internal structures. Freeze etching is the sublimation of surface ice under vacuum to reveal details of the fractured face that were originally hidden. A metal/carbon mix enables the sample to be imaged in a SEM (block-face) or TEM (replica). It is used to investigate for instance cell organelles, membranes, layers and emulsions. The technique is traditionally used for biological applications but started to develop significance in physics and material science.


Recently, freeze fracture electron microscopy, particularly freeze fracture replica immungold labelling (FRIL), has provided new insights into the roles of membrane proteins in dynamic cellular processes. The Leica EM ACE900 is a modern instrument to perform those tasks to the highest level of quality. It is versatile and intuitive to use and ensures to reach the parameters which allow to prepare a sample with the freeze fracture technique to reach the required resolution in the electron microscope.


– Oil-free high vacuum system
– Viton sealed aluminium chamber
– Two stage diaphragm pump
– Integrated turbo molecular pump
– Liquid nitrogen pump, two lines separately controllable, for the automatic, continuous cooling of the cryo stage shield and knife, with 4 level sensors and cap and connecting cable to ACE900
– Temperature controlled cryo stage, tilting rocking and rotating
– Wall or table mounted pump holder
– Insulated, threaded connecting hoses
– Load lock to insert sample and knife
– Two valve to detach e-beam source without breaking vacuum
– Two e-beams, one vertical one 45° angled
– E-beams one each for platinum and carbon coating
– Compact full range gauge
– Integrated touch screen for process control
– Cryo rotating specimen stage, knife and cryo shield
– Bake out of all cryo parts
– Quartz film thickness measurement
– Stereo microscope
– Exchangeable freeze fracture knife (standard tungsten carbide, one mounted one spare) with manual and automated operation
– USB port
– Large glass window
– Set of tools and consumables


– sample transfer system Leica VCT