Ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope

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FAST-EM is an ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope (EM) designed to make complex and large EM projects simple and efficient. Thanks to its automated acquisition, this high-throughput system is ideal for imaging large or multiple samples for quantitative analysis.

Delivering powerful insights while keeping the workflows simple, this system allows users to shift their focus from microscope operation to data analysis. FAST-EM can be used to explore cell architecture, the interaction of neuronal circuits, and the analysis of any biological material. It is extremely beneficial for large volume 3D imaging, large scale 2D imaging and, in general, as a tool that can significantly speed up daily microscopy work.


Electron optics
System baseThermo Fisher Scientific Apreo 2
Emitter:Schottky field emission source
Emitter stability:Per 24 hours3%
High tension range:2.5-10 kV
Beamlet current:400-800 pA
Total current:25.6-51.2 nA
Electron beam resolution:(35-65% edge)4 nm
Nominal working distance:5 mm
Single beam mode:Yes
Scanning and detection
Multiprobe arrangement:Square, 8 x 8 array
Dwell time:400 ns minimum, adjustable
Pixel size:During field acquisition4 nm
Field of view:At 3.2 μm pitch25.6 x 25.6 um
DetectorsMultibeamTransmission detector with 64 silicon photomultiplier cells
Single-beamSegmented in-lens backscattered electron detector
Upper in-lens secondary electron detector
Sample and stage   
Type3 axes motorized (XYZ)
Stage position readoutLaser interferometry for nanometer-level positioning accuracy
Travel range XY50 × 50 mm
Typical substrate size14 x 14 mm*
Max simultaneous substratesWhen using 14 × 14 mm substrates9 – for a total of ~850 1*1 mm sections
Imaging workflow
Usable samplesDirectly on scintillatorsResin sections (maximum thickness of 150 nm), nanoparticles, vesicles, viruses
On TEM grids**Resin sections (maximum thickness of 150 nm), nanoparticles, vesicles, viruses
Unattended run-time72 hours
Use casesRoutine data collectionSemi-automated imaging of user-defined ROIs and section arrays
Sustained throughputDuring megafield acquisition at 400 ns100 megapixels/second
Data formatOne 16-bit TIFF per field image, stored per project
Microscope controlLinux-based acquisition control
Acquisition supportUser guidance for basic operations
System health monitoringContinuous logging of crucial system features
Automatic calibrationsDetector gain, detector alignment, autostigmation, autofocus, global alignment of components
Vacuum and support hardware
Vacuum pumpsTurbomolecular pump, scroll pump (backing)
Operational vacuum≤ 3 × 10-5 mbar
Network storage connection10 Gbit Ethernet (10GBASE-SR using LC Duplex OM3 MM fiber)
Optional components
High performance storage moduleScalable high-speed storage for data analysis and data sharing
Support InfrastructureStandalone water chiller
Acoustic enclosure for backing pump
Consumables14 × 14 × 0.15 mm scintillator substrates