MICRO – Robotics Solutions for Optical Microscopes

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Take full advantage of the ultra-small size of the miBot™ —our famously easy-to-use and versatile piezoactuated micro robots— with platforms specifically designed to minimize their footprint on cluttered experimental setups and confined environmental chambers.

The whole system features up to four manipulators allowing you to independently position the probes and sensors over millimeters with a resolution down to a few tenth of nanometers.

Available in various shapes and dimensions, the compact stages accommodate 1 or up to 4 miBots. Like the manipulator, their dimensions are kept to the minimum by not having any electronic function and only serving the purpose of providing an motion arena to the mobile robot.

They are designed to be easily mounted on standard optical breadboards and microscope stages with screws and clamps. It is thus very quick to reconfigure your setup to adapt a new experiment.

The Compact packages are ideally suited for use at low optical working distance. They are also well adapted to contact large substrates mounted on sample holders that are moved by a positioning stage (e.g. wafer chucks, Petri dishes).Applications:

Semiconductor characterization

─ I/V curves of single transistors

─ Bit cell memories characterization

─ IC attacks for cybersecurity, reverse engineering


Failure Analysis (FA)

─ EBIC: Electron Beam Induced Current

Defects localization at p/n junction

─ EBAC/RCI: Electron Beam Absorbed Current

Shorts/Opens detection at metal lines


Materials characterization and nano-manipulation

─ 4-point probing on single structures

─ Thin-film characterization

─ Single structure isolation (nanowires, particles, etc), TEM sample preparation


Ambient environment or using optical microscope

Number of Probes : 4 miBot™ (BT-14)


Degrees of freedom: 4 independently driven per probe (X, Y, qZ, Z)



Piezo mode: stepping

Max. speed: 2.5 mm/s (X,Y), 150 mrad/s (Z)

Range: 20 x 20 mm2

(X,Y), ± 180° (qZ), 42° (Z)

Positioning resolution: 50 nm (X, Y), 120 nm (Z)

Measured at robot end-effector.


Probe tips :

Compatible with probe tips with 0.51 mm (0.020”) shank

diameter and various tip radius(5 nm – 10 um).


Integrated platform with optical microscope
reducing dramatically the risk of damaging samples/probe, user-friendly software Precisio supprt electrical measurnment and positioning


Microscope Optical

resolution: approx. 1.1 µm

Overall magnification: 2.8x to 35.5x adjusted with motorized zoom (objective mag: 10x)

Working distance: 33.5 mm

Coaxial illumination (LED) with adjustable intensity Camera: 1920 x 1200 pixels, USB 3.0

Focus adjustment by sub-micrometer screw (range: 28 mm) Sample Positioning Manual X-Y stage with travel range: 10 mm x 10 mm Resolution: 0.5 mm/rev

Sample Size Ø 25.4 mm (1”)