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Bruker S1 TITAN spectrometer series is a family of portable X-ray fluorescence analyzers (XRF). Analyzers are used in many sectors of industry and science. Available Titan application packages are:

– chemical composition analysis of metal alloys

– measuring the thickness of metallic coatings

– geological sample analysis

– material analysis for compliance with RoHS directives,

WEEE and others

– application package for testing the nutrient content and

fortifying substances in foodstuffs

– application package for testing the content of nutrients in

dry plant materials.

– testing content of Sulfur in fuels

S1 Titan spectrometers belong to the lightest hand-held XRF analyzers on the market (mass of the spectrometer with a battery – 1.5 kg). High speed and accuracy of analysis are two key attributes that define the S1 Titan series spectrometers.


The S1 Titan series models are widely recognized among metal recycling companies due to the patented detector window cover (Patent No. 9 182 362 B2), which protects the detector against damage by scrap metal chips and wire.

The S1 Titan series consists of 5 spectrometer models. These are the 800, 600, 500 and 300 models. The S1 TITAN 800 and 600 models with the range of Mg – U elements analyzed use the CUBE ™ SDD detector with a large surface area to provide incredibly fast analysis. S1 TITAN 500 with a range of Ti – U elements has a built-in SDD detector and is mainly used in metal analysis. The TITAN 300 model (also the Ti-U range) is equipped with a Si-PIN detector and is dedicated to applications in metallurgy, mining and analysis of environmental samples


Belt holster, desktop stand, adapter for weld and small sample analysis, background plate for measurement of small and thin samples, portable Wi-Fi router, GPS BT Receiver, barcode reader, portable printer