High vacuum coater EM ACE 600

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Imaging of non-conductive materials by electron microscopy requires covering sample surface with a thin layer, which acts as not only a conductor but also protects the examined material against electron beam damage.

The Leica EM ACE600 high vacuum coater is the perfect solution for every application. It is a fully automatic device that allows you to easily obtain thin, fine-grained and conductive metallic or carbon layers.

  • High repeatability and quality of obtained coatings
  • Larger and more even coverage due to angular sputtering sources
  • Unique and intuitive control system (touch panel)
  • System for continuous monitoring of coating thickness


  • metal vacuum chamber with dimensions of 200 x 150 x 195 mm
  • oil-free pump system including a diaphragm (13 l / min) and turbomolecular (67 l / s) pump
  • QSG (module with a quartz crystal for measuring the thickness layer with an accuracy of 0.1 nm), a set of 10 crystals
  • automatic sample stage rotation
  • LED lighting
  • metal inner chamber cover
  • removable chamber door with large, replaceable and safe window
  • easily replaceable head without the need for additional tools
  • plug for extension with a freezing handle
  • set of gloves to keep the chamber clean
  • power cable
  • brush to clean the remaining fibers from the head


I Carbon thread evaporation,
II Sputtering,
III Carbon rod evaporation,
IV e-beam evaporation

Stoliki na próbki  

    • Manual stage
    • Tilt from 0° to ± 60 °)
    • flat, diameter 104 mm, with 24 pins for 24 standard stubs (12.7 mm / 1/2 ”),


    • Motorized stage
    • Movement in 3 axes (rotation, height and tilt) controlled from the touch screen
    • Stage accommodates 25 standard SEM stubs (12.7 mm / 1/2 ”),
  • Planetary stage, diameter 104 mm, with 6 smaller tables Ø 60 mm, each adapted for 4 tables,
  • low angle rotary shadowing (in a possible configuration for TEM grids or SEM stubs)
  • Stage for slides

Additional equipment:

  • Module for glow discharge (no later update possible)
  • Leica EM VCT500 sample transfer system (with cryo transfer option)
  • Module for freeze fracturing