Creep- and Shear-Tester A non-microscopy product for research and production-line quality control

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If electronic boards fail, severe consequences may occur in the operation of complex systems. Therefore, quality tests are a must for the manufacturer of such boards. This page shows a test instrument system for mechanical testing of printed circuit boards (pcb´s). The “Multi-Tester” allows quality control groups to do spot checks – for instance – of the inferior points of lead-free soldering of the elements mounted on the boards.


Dimensions [in mm]: ~ 800 x 500 x 580 (W x L x H)

Weight [in kg]: ~ 150

Travel range [in mm]: X~170; Y~200; Z~20; R~±20°

Movement resolution [in µm]: 0,01

Speed range [in µm/s]: 0,01 – 3000

Nominal force[in N]: 500 (other load cell on request)

Force accuracy [in N]: 0,01% of full range

Power supply: Single Phase Grounded, 110 / 230 (Vac); 60 / 50 (Hz)

Certification: CE, EN 610



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