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Connecting an EH mechanical booster pump to an ES rotary vane pump significantly increases the pumping speed and vacuum capacity of the system, as well as increasing the achievable ultimate vacuum by about an order of magnitude. Our specialists are able to help you select the combination that best suits your requirements. Individual data sheets for all combinations are available upon request, showing the pumping speed of each configuration along with an installation sketch to help you at the system design stage.


The EH range of mechanical booster pumps (250-4200 m3h-1, 150-2500 cfm) equipped with a unique hydrokinetic drive allows continuous operation from atmospheric pressure up to the ultimate vacuum level, reducing downtime by up to 50%.

They are available as fully assembled system units
ready for use. Alternatively, we can also supply connection kits.


• Heat treatment
• Drying
• Coating application
• Industrial sector

Average noise level

nES100/ EH50071 dB(A)
nES200/ EH50073 dB(A)
nES200/ EH120073 dB(A)
nES300/ EH50073 dB(A)
nES300/ EH120073 dB(A)
nES470-570/ EH120074-76 dB(A)
nES470-570/ EH260077-78 dB(A)
nES630-750/ EH120074-76 dB(A)
nES630-750/ EH260077-78 dB(A)

Pump + booster

equalising valve closedequalising valve open
nES100/ EH5000.02 mbar0.05 mbar
nES200/ EH5000.005 mbar0.03 mbar
nES200/ EH12000.005 mbar0.03 mbar
nES300/ EH5000.005 mbar0.03 mbar
nES300/ EH12000.005 mbar0.03 mbar
nES470-570/ EH12000.005 mbar0.03 mbar
nES470-570/ EH26000.005 mbar0.03 mbar
nES630-750/ EH12000.005 mbar0.03 mbar
nES630-750/ EH26000.005 mbar0.03 mbar