Low vacuum coating system EM ACE 200

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The Leica EM ACE200 low-vacuum coating system is a precision device used in electron microscopy to obtain a conductive metal or carbon layer on the sample to be imaged.
Using the quartz thickness measurement (QSG), we have the ability to accurately measure the thickness of applied coating layer.


• Easily replaceable head for sputter coater or carbon from carbon thread
• different types of stages
• optional: glow discharge module for TEM grids hydrophilization
• stainless steel vacuum chamber
• removable chamber door, with large, replaceable and safe window
• automatic shutter
• intuitive touch screen for process control
• triple security system
• efficient rotary vane pump with oil vapor filter to protect against contamination in the absence of an exhaust gas outlet connection.


  • Quartz crystal for measuring the thickness of the layer (later update possible)
  • Glow Discharge option for EM ACE200 (no later upgrade possible)
  • Standard, manual stage (for 18 standard SEM 1/2 ”stubs, height adjustable).
  • Rotating stage (integrated drive motor, height adjustable, easily exchangeable with manual stage, holding 18 standard stubs, fully integrated)

Ø Stolik na szkiełka, o wym. 76 mm x 26 mm.

  • Table for Glass Slides

Exchangeable table (Ø 80 mm) with recess to hold a glassslide (76 x 26 mm)

  • Planetary drive stage,

For uniform coatings of highly fissured specimen surfaces, integrated drive motor, easily exchangeable with manual stage, 30° pre-tilted, 4 planets with pin holes (ø 3,2mm) capable of holding 4 standard stubs each, fully integrated




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