Fiber Coupling Device

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This device was developed for coupling glass fibers. In principle, this module is divided into two areas.

In the picture there is a eucentric module with 3 eucentric axes. If a glass fiber is mounted in this eucentric module, the tip of the fiber remains fixed in space, while rotating and tilting. It is also possible to mount an optical chip exactly in the eucentric point.

The right area on these pictures shows an orthogonal XYZ module, which also allows to mount a glass fiber and move the tip of the glass fiber in strictly orthogonal directions. The XYZ module is equipped with piezo fine shift actuators. These elements allow very smooth and sensitive final positioning of the glass fiber tip.

Between these two modules there are two small XYZ modules. Both of them are carrying a CCD camera and a set of laser optic. After adjusting the glass fiber tips together, the focus point of the laser can be positioned under visual control by the CCD camera. The tips of the two fibers are welded together by a short laser pulse.