Modular Paraffin Embedding Center TES Valida

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With the new TES Valida® Embedding Center, MEDITE has set a new standard for tissue embedding. This modular paraffi n embedding center has adapted the latest standards from technology and design and incorporates excellent performance and ergonomics.

All three modules are manufactured with robust sheet metal casings. This casing and all other surfaces are resistant against all common cleaning compounds used in laboratories. Each module has its own timer, allowing the user to program individual beginning and ending times according to the current specifi c needs.

Convenient programming of the modules by a touch control screen is fast and easily done because of simple to understand symbols. Thanks to its individually adjustable elements, the TES Valida® is designed to match personal needs and preferences.

Like the preceding model TES 99, the TES Valida® comes with a foot switch for hands-free operation. Further accessories, such as snap-on magnifi er (4 diopters) made of real glass and our heated forceps in diff erent sizes, can be directly used with the system. MEDITE also off ers a wide range of suitable consumables.

Dispensing Unit

The aluminum dispensing unit off ers a large tank volume of 4.6 litres, a square cold spot with peltier element, and storage space on the fl at top of the dispenser nozzle. An adjustable fl uorescent tube light provides perfect illumination of your workspace.

Thermal Unit

The thermal unit has an easily accessible pre-warming chamber, which can store a large number of embedding molds. Furthermore, the paraffi n tray is deep and can accept most baskets from common tissue processors for storage of specimen in melted paraffi n. Most important, it not only off ers temperature control, but also has time control to ease your workfl ow.

Cooling Unit

The key feature of the cooling unit is its large stainless steel surface that off ers space for storage of more than 100 paraffi n blocks. For  aboratories with limited space, a smaller cooling unit is availabe.