Cryostat M630

  • Description


The Cryostat M630 is characterized by its high-precision semi-automatic rotary microtome and the very fast cooling. Thanks to the user-oriented design, operation is intuitive.
The ergonomic features allow both sitting and standing use. Low energy consumption and significantly reduced operating noise are additional remarkable features.

The various parameters are set using modern touch screens. The device reaches the sectioning temperature faster than average.

The illuminated cooling chamber has space for up to 15 samples, including two Peltier elements for rapid cooling. A heated glass pane closes the cooling chamber. Through the targeted use of heat, no fogging forms on it, giving a clear view of the cooling chamber. Object feed and section thickness are controlled by a high-precision
stepping motor. Free vertical movement is supported. The smoothrunning handwheel on the right supports simple but precise application. UVC disinfection is integrated as standard.

For regular evaporator defrosting, which can be done manually or automatically, the Cryostat M630 has an easily accessible condensation container.