Freeze Substitution and Low Temperature Embedding System EM AFS2

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Leica EM AFS2 allows fixing tissues in low temperature for electron microscopy with low vitrification (i.e. “physical fixation”)

The method allows keeping the full antigenicity of the biological material to be preserved, as opposed to the classical methods after prior chemical fixation. This is the only method that allows for very precise determinations of antigens, especially those located intracellularly, sensitive to chemical forms of fixation.

Supplied EM FSP (Freeze Substitution Processor) is an automatic reagent handling system. Mounted on the EM AFS2 it dispenses reagents for both FS and PLT. It automatically dilutes FS media and resins from 100% stock solutions in reagent containers. An integrated LED UV lamp allows immediate polymerization of samples.

EM AFS2 and EM FSP are operated via a mouse-controlled screen at the right hand side of EM AFS2.

A USB port for a memory stick allows transfer of programs and log files for both instruments.


• Dewar capacity for liquid nitrogen: 35 liters
• Liquid nitrogen consumption during cooling: 5 liters
• UV LED range: 374-383 nm


  • Automatic processor for Freeze Substitution with integrated LEDs