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The HYPERION is our research platform for infrared microscopy. The instrument is customizable and offers a wide range of specialized accessories for dedicated research applications.

The HYPERION is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in FT-IR microscopy. Its high-quality design, including all optical, mechanical, and electronic components, provides high stability and reliability. Featuring many contrast enhancement tools, a wide variety of dedicated objectives, and chemical imaging, the HYPERION enables you to conduct the most sensitive microanalysis easily and efficiently. With its modular design, the HYPERION can be customized to the specific requirements of each application. Its field of use is extremely broad and includes materials research, polymers, chemicals, forensics, art conservation, and life sciences.


Flexible design

The HYPERION Series is a fully upgradeable microscope platform for conducting state-of-the-art optical and infrared analysis. The HYPERION 2000 includes all features found on the 1000 as does the 3000 with respect to the 2000.

  • HYPERION 1000: High performance infrared microscope with transmission and reflection capabilities, transparent knife-edge aperture and manual xy-stage. It is equipped with a nose piece with 15x cassegrain and 4x vis objective as well as binocular and video viewing.
  • HYPERION 2000: Fully automated microscope with motorized stage. All features of the HYPERION 1000 included.
  • HYPERION 3000: Fully automated FT-IR imaging microscope with modern focal plane array detector technology. The system includes also all features of the HYPERION 2000.


Spectral range

The spectral range of the HYPERION can be extended from the middle infrared to the near infared (NIR), even to the visible (VIS, up to 25,000 cm-1) and down to the far infrared (FIR, down to 80 cm-1). To cover this extremely broad spectral range, many different detectors are available and can easily be exchanged by the user. The HYPERION can be equipped with up to two detectors in parallel, where the switching between positions is controlled by the software.


Visual Inspection

Before any sample can be analyzed by FT-IR microscopy, the region of interest has to be located on the sample. However, many microscopic samples do not exhibit much contrast in the visible image. The HYPERION provides many different techniques to enhance the contrast for the visible inspection of the sample in transmission and reflection.

Nose piece with a wide variety of objectives

Köhler apertures

Rotatable polarizers before and after the sample in transmission and reflection

Bright and dark field illumination

Fluorescence illumination

To view the visible image of the sample the HYPERION is equipped with a high quality CCD-camera. Additionally an eye-piece is always present allowing the observation of the sample with absolutely unaltered colors. A powerful autofocus is optionally available.


ATR Objective

Bruker’s dedicated ATR objective allows clear sample viewing without sacrificing infrared throughput. The internal pressure sensor reproducibly ensures optimal contact between the sample and the crystal during data acquisition.


Grazing Angle Objective

Bruker’s patented Grazing Angle Objective is designed for the microanalysis of thin coatings on metallic substrates with extremely high sensitivity while retaining the polarization characteristics of the infrared beam.


IMAC Macro Imaging Chamber

The external sample chamber IMAC allows FT-IR imaging measurements on large samples. As in the HYPERION 3000 imaging microscope a state-of-the-art FPA detector is used in the IMAC


Heatable Accessory Holder (A 599)

This precision heating and cooling stage allows the FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic microanalysis of various samples in a temperature range from -196°C to 600°C


Heating and Cooling Stage (A 699)

This precision heating and cooling stage allows the FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic microanalysis of various samples in a temperature range from -196°C to 600°C


Pixel resolution in the HYPERION 3000 in transmission and reflectance:

Objective            Pixel in resolution

15x         2.7 µm

20x         2.0 µm

36x         1.1 µm


Spectral range extended, integration with other FT-IR spectrometers for example: Ivenio, Vertex