Quantax EDS detector for TEM (STEM)

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Bruker’s latest generation of QUANTAX EDS systems feature the XFlash® 7 detector series, providing the largest solid angle, highest throughput and highest take-off angle for X-ray collection on electron microscopes. Combined with the modular ESPRIT software, QUANTAX EDS delivers the fastest and most reliable results and guarantees best data quality for your research.

  • Long standing expertise in EDS ensures the configuration of the best solution for your specific microscope (STEM, TEM or SEM) thanks to slim-line detector design and geometrical optimization for each microscope pole piece and EDS flange type
  • Maximum collection and take-off angle allow fast and highly sensitive data acquisition
  • Fast-moving stable detector stage
  • A special drift correction routine for periodic features ensures successful EDS on the nanoscale
  • Time resolved data acquisition for in-situ experiments suitable for saving a stream of changing data, f.e. at elevated temperatures
  • Automation of data acquisition and analysis processes using the scripting and API options for generation of specific analysis jobs and batch processing
  • Clean data needing no or minimal post-acquisition corrections due to avoiding mechanical and electromagnetic interference completely and avoiding or keeping to a minimum specimen tilt, absorption, shadowing and system peaks
  • Most seasoned quantification for EDS data from electron transparent specimens on the market provides thorough data mining with unambiguous results
  • Highest quality assistance and training due to long standing experience in TEM for using your system to its full power


Flexible and easy-to-use analysis software package ESPRIT with an open user interface: you see what you do.

Off-line analysis option with individual or LAN access for student or laboratory networks.

Sophisticated most seasoned quantitative energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) for complete data mining includes:

Options for quantification steps: default suggestions for easy use, indvidual setup, detailed modification and saving/reloading of recipes

3 different quantification approaches are covering all possible scenarios based on theoretical and experimental Cliff-Lorimer factors as well as Zeta-factors and the interpolation of missing Zeta-factors

TEM-specific high energy element lines above 40 keV available for quantification ensuring unambiguous results

Choice of 3 vital background models: a physical one for bulk and a physical one for thin lamellae as well as a mathematical model

Absorption correction included in the Cliff-Lorimer quantification already


  1. Upgrade Software Esprit


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