Paraffin filtering machine L15

  • Description


The L15 paraffin filtering machine is suitable for melting and filtering paraffin in large amounts. With the space-saving device, paraffin is always available for dispensing for the various processes in the laboratory. The dispenser on the front is very easy to use, and prevents liquid paraffin from dripping out. The high position allows positioning big containers underneath to fill them easily.

The L15 has a total capacity of around 15 liters. A spacious opening on top of the machine allows quick and easy refilling at any time. To ensure the purity of paraffin, impurities a filtered with a special cartridge. Depending on the way and amount of use, the cartridge lasts up to six months.

The temperature can be continuously adjusted to a maximum value of 90 °C via a soft key control panel with digital display. All of the surfaces of the L15 are robust and resistant to all common solvents in the laboratory. When used consequently, paraffin savings of up to 50% can be expected.