MASTERLAM 1.1 Large diameter, automatic polishing machine with central pressure and motorised oscillating head

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Automatic single-plate Ø 350 to 400 mm polishing machine, bidirectional rotation and variable speed.

The MASTERLAM®1.1 is a central pressure machine. It is equipped with a 2,2 Kw main motor, a 250 W head motor and applicable pressure may reach 450 N.

Using the oscillating head allows you to make use the entire surface of the 350 or 400 mm diameter plate: the quality of flatness is improved, stock removal is increased and the service life of polishing supports is increased (uniform wear due to use of the entire surface of the plate.)

The specific capacities of the MASTERLAM®1.1 allow it to cope with most difficult applications, particularly in terms of large polishing surfaces where the torque and required pressure exceed the capabilities of standard equipment.


Plates capacity
Ø 350 to 400 mm
Steel coated with epoxy paint
Removable, in resin, to ease cleaning
Touch screen (5,7“)
Plate rotation speed
Variable from 20 to 650 rpm
Bidirectional rotation
Head’s speed
Variable from 10 to 150 rpm
Bidirectional rotation
Applicable load
5 to 450 N central pressure
Sample size 6 X Ø 60 mm
Oscillating head (option)
Adjustable speed and amplitude
Workspace lightening
Water inlet
Removable pipe, with flow rate adjustment and safety solenoid valve
60 storable programs, USB connector to backup programs and Ethernet port for networking
Motor power
2.2 kW
Head motor power
250 W
230 V – 50 Hz single phase (25A)
Pneumatic feed
6 bars
Dim. W x H x D
800 x 670 x 712 mm
110 kg


The automatic dosing unit DISTRILAM® is directly controlled via the touch screen on the machine through a RS 232 connector. It is instantly recognised by all the MASTERLAM® polishing devices as the control program is already programmed in the machines.