Leica EM RES102

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The Leica EM RES102 is a unique ion beam milling device that has two saddlefield ion sources with variable ion energy for optimum milling results. Like no other instrument on the market, it accommodates the preparation of TEM, SEM and LM samples in one single benchtop unit. In addition to high-energy milling, the Leica EM RES102 can be used for very gentle sample processing using low ion energy.


Aim of  TEM sample preparation:

  • Homogeneous electron transparent samples

Sample thickness has to be smaller than 20 nm in case of HRTEM investigation

  • Sample surface should be very smooth
  • Free of preparation artefacts
  • The area of interest has to be in the area of electron transparency


Application for TEM

  • Plan view preparation
  • Cross-sectional sample preparation
  • FIB Cleaning

Application for SEM

  • Surface cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Ion beam slope cutting (35° and 90°)
  • large area processing (25mm)


    • for TEM and SEM preparation
    • Large area milling (25mm)
    • Fully computer controlled ion milling system
    • Movements are motor-driven (except ion gun tilt)
    • LN2 cooling device for TEM and SEM sample processing
    • Variable ion energy for high and low energy ion milling
    • Load-lock system for permanent high vacuum and short sample transfer
    • Storage of live images to demonstrate the progress of milling
    • Recipes and programs for reproducible preparation

To support the diverse range of application possibilities, the Leica EM RES102 can be equipped with a variety of sample holders for the preparation of TEM, SEM and LM samples. The load-lock system provides high sample throughput with fast sample exchange.


  • Sample holder for the cleaning, polishing and contrast enhancement of SEM and LM samples at environment temperature or with LN2 cooling.
  • Slope cutter holder for the production of cross-sectioned (90°) and angled sections (35°) for SEM investigation of vertical structured samples.
  • SEM clamp holder to hold small samples with maximum dimensions of 5 (H) × 7 (W) × 2 (D) mm.
  • Sample holder (Quick clamp holder) for single and double-sided low angle milling down to 4°.
  • Cooling holder for the preparation of temperature-sensitive samples in combination with the LN2 cooling device.
  • Cleaning holder used to reduce the amorphisized layer of a FIB sample.