Ti laser: sapphire

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Ti laser: sapphire is the proverbial workhorse within ultrafast lasers due to its high gain bandwidth, enabling delivery of the shortest pulses and scalable single-pulse energies with high average power. KMLabs provides a full set of oscillators and integrated oscillator-amplifier circuits, covering pulse energies in the nJ to 30 mJ range in pulses from 15 to 40 fs.


Product Description

Ultrashort-pulse modelocked Ti:Sapphire laser oscillators

GriffinKerr lens mode-locked oscillator– 10-50 fs pulse duration
HalcyonRepetition-rate stabilized Kerr lens mode-locked oscillator
CollegiateIdeal for Ultrafast Educators to use for training
StrydeKerr lens mode-locked oscillator– 10-50 fs pulse duration in an engineered platform


Ti:Sapphire amplifier system
RaeaNext-generation ultrafast Ti:sapphire amplifier
WyvernLegacy Ti:sapphire amplifier
Dragon Legacy Ti:sapphire amplifier