SureThin Processor

  • Description


The SureThin® Processor helps processing cytological smears in the laboratory. With this device, the cells from the sample vials can be prepared for microscopic observation. To do so, the sample vial containing the cells that are to be examined, is inserted into the processor; a suitable filter and slide are also placed. The cell mass is loosened by rotation and then sucked onto the filter by using a vacuum. The filter has a membrane on which the diagnostic material sticks and is then pressed onto a slide. The finished slide is placed in a fixative liquid and can then be removed for microscopic observation. Excess fluid is caught in a waste bottle that can easily be removed for cleaning.

The SureThin® Processor is operated via digital control panel that also shows the current status during the process. The processor door has a large window that makes it easy to observe the process while running. To open the door, it is slid open to the side, making it easy to load and unload the processor.

Suitable consumables are available single or as SureThin® Gyn-Kits, containing sample vials with methanol solution, microscope slides, filters and PAP smear brushes.