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The INVENIO is made to innovate from routine quality control to advanced research and development. Whether you focus on productivity, precision or if you must comply to extensive regulations, the INVENIO supports you in every regard.

Better FT-IR Smarter QC

 The INVENIO’s touchscreen PC (optional) provides an intuitive user interface and smart connectivity features. Measure in the lab, evaluate from your office – all without cables or manual data transfer. Predefined workflows minimize operator effort to a few interactions, while functionality is kept uncompromised.

Reliable. Efficient. Productive.

From basic QC/QA to demanding research applications, no matter if you are utilizing a standard ATR unit, a special multi-angle reflection unit or an imaging microscope. You can count on a straightforward analysis and optimal measurement results.

QC you can trust. Always

PermaSureTM always monitors device configuration and rapid self-testing to ensure proper functionality, while the PerformanceGuardTM ensures optimal instrument performance through continuous monitoring of all mechanical and electronic components.

Flexible FT-IR

Save a lot of time and always have two experimental setups ready with the TransitTM channel (ATR or transmission options available), an independent second sample compartment with a dedicated DTGS detector


The INVENIO is the universal solution to the most analytical problems, may they be industrial or purely scientific.

Steadfast interferometer

The RockSolidTM interferometer is permanently aligned and resistant to vibration or thermal effects. Its wear-free pivot mechanism and high throughput design guarantee exceptional sensitivity, stability and reliability even in harsh environments.

Reliable sources

CenterGlowTM is a Bruker technology that manages the source’s wearout and therefore assures optimum performance and prolongs its lifetime. Furthermore, two internal source positions and two external input ports are available, both using the internal aperture wheel..

Highest degree of automation – INTEGRALTM

Reliability and comfort. The innovative INTEGRALTM interferometer benefits from highly accurate cube-corner mirrors and an actively aligned smooth running BMS changer wheel with perfectly reproducible beamsplitter insertion. Combining the 5x MultiTectTM detector technology, the DigiTectTM detector position and the multiple source options, the complete spectral range from 28,000 cm-1 down to 15 cm-1 can be covered with optimum performance, without manually changing any optical components. A wide variety of beamsplitters for the whole spectral range is available, such as KBr, CaF2, quartz, Multilayer, Mylar and silicon solid state BMS.

MultiTectTM technology allows for 5 room temperature or thermostabilized detectors such as DTGS, InGaAs, Si diode and GaP. Additionally, the DigiTectTM slot allows for the use of e.g. LN2 cooled detectors. The MultiTectTM unit is software controlled and gives automated access to FIR, NIR and VIS/UV measurement.


Full sampling flexibility

The improved QuickLock accessory mount with lock and release button in front eases the insertion and fixation of also bulky sample devices. Additionally, the INVENIO can be equipped with 3 software selectable exit ports for multiple external modules::

  • HYPERION series FT-IR microscope
  • Micro and macro FPA imaging technology
  • RAM II FT-Raman and PL II photoluminescence module
  • TGA-FT-IR coupling
  • PMA 50, Polarization Modulation Accessory for VCD and PM-IRRAS
  • Variable external sample compartment (left and right) for customized experiments
  • Fiber optic coupling unit with fiber probe for solids and liquids
  • External integrating spheres
  • Liquid auto sampler
  • HTS-XT
  • Air water interface reflection unit

And many more.


There are countless FT-IR applications. INVENIO perfectly fits in every scenario were high sensitivity, spectral or temporal resolution, stability, flexibility and upgradability are required. Improve your daily analytical experience in any industrial or research application field.

Quality Control

  • Verification of incoming goods
  • Troubleshooting of product defects
  • Identification of unknown contaminants

Pharmaceuticals & Life Science

  • Assess stability and volatile content of medical drug products
  • Differentiate between polymorphs of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Protein conformation and concentration
  • Microorganism identification

Materials characterization

  • Determination of volatile components
  • Characterization of decomposition processes
  • Characterization of optical materials

Polymers & Chemicals

  • Identification of inorganic fillers in polymer composites
  • Identification of inorganic minerals and pigments
  • Multilayer analysis
  • Composition investigation
  • Reaction monitoring and reaction control
  • Dynamic and rheo-optical studies of polymers
  • FT-Raman for diverse application areas


  • Determination of oxygen and carbon contents in silicon wafers
  • Photoluminescence measurements in near IR spectral range


  • Monitoring of pollution (i.e. microplastics)
  • Characterization of soils

Research & Development

  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • FT-IR spectroelectrochemistry
  • Low temperature experiments
  • FT-IR microscopy and imaging
  • In-situ reaction monitoring
  • Amplitude modulation (AM) spectroscopy