Poseidon Select Liquid Microscopy Cell

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The Poseidon Select Liquid Electron Microscopy system is the most flexible liquid cell on the market. The system is configurable and expandable with Heating and Electrochemistry packages designed for a variety of research interests. Poseidon Select is the only liquid microscopy holder that is truly EDS compatible. It is the safest in situ liquid system on the market and has been fully evaluated and approved by electron microscope manufacturers. Poseidon Select offers the widest variety of liquid microscopy E-chips, including ultra-thin <150nm liquid layers for high-resolution imaging.

The Poseidon Electrochemistry package is available as an option to the Poseidon Select system and adds the capability to perform true in situ quantitative electrochemistry. The Electrochemistry package is designed to resolve the small currents expected in a miniature cell while maintaining imaging and analytical data collection.


• Configurable and expandable design with Heating and Electrochemistry packages that can be added depending on your area of interest
• Patented design capable of obtaining the highest-quality EDS results available
• 3 electrodes (WE,CE, RE) integrated within the tip of the Poseidon Select holder
• 3-port (mixing) TEM holder with integrated electrodes and a touch-screen controlled syringe pump
• Ultra uniform Liquid Heating from RT to 100 °C closed-loop control
• Safe, easy-to-use method for replacing the interior tubing of a holder
• A wide variety of replaceable E-chips that control liquid thickness from <50 nanometers to >5 microns