MODEL 9030 Turbo Pumping Station

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A powerful, customizable vacuum pumping station for cryo tomography holder evacuation and transmission electron microscope (TEM) specimen holder storage.

The Turbo Pumping Station can:

  • pump down FEI Company and JEOL, Ltd. TEM specimen holders and keep the holders under vacuum during storage.
  • evacuate the Fischione Model 2550 Cryo Transfer Tomography Holder’s dewar during zeolite regeneration.

The Turbo Pumping Station is customizable; you can stack single FEI or JEOL holder ports and add additional holder ports as needed or use a quad holder dock that allows you to mix and match up to four FEI and/or JEOL holder ports.


Ultimate pressure < 10-6 Torr when pumping down the Model 2550 Cryo Transfer Tomography Holder

Vacuum system Oil-free (dry) vacuum path


Model 2550 Cryo Transfer Tomography Holder


Holder type A single-tilt holder for cryo transfer and tomography of thin-film frozen-hydrated/vitrified specimens.
For transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) with a wider gap pole piece (an approximate 5 mm gap for tomographic studies)