MODEL 1040 NanoMill® TEM Specimen Preparation System

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The NanoMill system uses an ultra-low energy, concentrated ion beam to produce the highest quality specimens for transmission electron microscopy

Key Specifications
• Ultra-low-energy, inert-gas ion source
• Concentrated ion beam with scanning capabilities
• Removes damaged layers without redeposition
• Ideal for post-focused ion beam processing
• Enhances the results from conventionally prepared specimens
• Room temperature to cryogenically cooled
• NanoMilling SM process
• Rapid specimen exchange for highthroughput applications
• Computer-controlled, fully programmable, and easy to use
• Contamination-free, dry vacuum system


Specimen targeting
 Ion beam capable of being targeted at one spot on the specimen surface or scanned within a selected area

User interface
Menu-driven interface
Programmable milling cycles with system status displayed

Chamber illumination
User-controlled chamber illumination to facilitate specimen Exchange

Specimen cooling
Liquid nitrogen conductive cooling with automatic temperature interlocks
Stage temperature to –170 °C
System cool-down time less than 20 minutes
Specimen cool-down time less than 5 minutes
Dewar hold time up to 6 hours

Automatic termination
Process termination by time or temperaturę

 SED-based imaging technology
3 mm field of view
Everhart-Thornley detector
Specimen image displayed on graphical user interface

39 in (991 mm) width x 58 in (1,474 mm) height x 31 in (788 mm) depth

507 lb (230.5 kg)


110/220 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1,000 W


not available