Large chamber stage

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This series of specimen stages was especially designed for large specimens, such as wafers. It is also ideally suitable to carry sub stages (“modules”).

The large stages are available for a number of scanning electron microscopes.

Basically, there are two geometrical principles: the cartesian, and the tilt-eucentric (see photo above) design. In most cases it is the inside dimension of the specimen chamber (and detectors or other obstacles) that limit the size of the largest wafer which can be fully covered.

The stage shown here is easy to exchange against the standard SEM specimen stage.We also provide motorizations for up to 5 drives with stepper or DC tacho motors and optical encoders.

The tilt axis is 5 mm above the specimen holder ring, therefore there is sufficient clearance to fit a wafer holder with the wafer on it, having the tilt axis at the same level as the wafer surface. When moving in X and Y, the field of view always remains in the focal plane.


Travel: X and Y = 150 mm each, Z = 40 mm, rotation: unlimited, tilt: horizontal to 60 degrees. Larger coverage upon request.