Tagarno FHD Trend

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This digital microscope allows you to continuously update your microscope with new possibilities as they come along. This enables you to customize the digital microscope to always serve as your favorite magnification tool for quality control and analysis by having the ability to add new features and uses to the microscope you have invested in. Being able to add a variety of accessories such as lighting, lenses and tables, enables you to further customize the digital microscope to fit your exact needs.

Optical zoom, ultra-high frame rates and 1080p image quality provides you with crystal clear magnified images to use as indisputable documentation material and rapidly share with colleagues and collaborators. Capture and share images directly to the microscope or computer. Quick and easy perform onscreen measurements on live images to create valuable and credible documentation.


Perform firmware updates for ongoing improvements and adding features

Magnification levels 1.3x – 330x on a 24″ monitor

30 x optical zoom

60fps equals ultra-high frame rates

FULL HD / 1080p image quality

Capture images directly to the microscope or computer

Auto & Manual Focus

Laser pointer for enhanced precision and accuracy

Field of view: Min. 1,6mm/0.063” / max 409,0mm/16.10”

Lens to object distance: Min. 34mm/1.34” / max 333mm/12.11”

Working height: Min: 100mm/3.94” Max: 335mm/13.2”

Working depth: 385mm/15.16”