New generation of SEM Phenom XL

Data 19 June 2020

On behalf of Thermo Fisher Scientific we are pleased to inform that the newest generation of SEM Phenom XL has been brought to market.
New generation of Phenom XL microscopes are equipped with a new and innovative user interface based on panoramic 24’’ monitor. Highly intuitive interface enable even more comfortable way of sample navigation and using of many functions of this SEM microscope.

  • New features, distinguishing the new generation of the microscope include:
  • Full screen SEM image
  • Magnification 200 000X
  • Resolution better than 10nm (SED and BSD)
  • Live EDS
  • New algorithm for quantitative EDS
  • Phenom Programming Interface included
  • Live detector mixing (SED and BSD)
  • Easier and intuitive way of focusing
  • Saved stage locations
  • And many more