Automatic slide staining system

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The ONCORE PRO automated slide staining system is a compact and convenient tabletop unit used for IHC and in situ hybridization procedures. Automation includes slide pre-drying, deparaffinization, antigen uncovering and probe/antibody inoculation and detection.

The system provides convenience, flexibility and ease of use. The interface is intuitive, requiring minimal interaction. The system also uses 2D matrix labels, for labeling patient specimens, greatly reducing patient identification errors. Independently programmable slide positions allow different protocols to be performed in a single run.

The ONCORE Pro uses unique reaction modules that place slides between a heated platform and a chamber containing reagents. These chambers provide gentle mixing during reagent incubation to maximize staining intensity. Reagent vials are identified with RFID technology that stores important information, including name, lot number, expiration date and number of tests, minimizing user error by tracking reagent volumes in real time.

IHC reagents and antibodies are designed to provide exceptional staining quality, as well as the ability to use primary antibodies from other manufacturers. The ONCORE PRO antibody menu has been developed for a wide range of laboratories and tissue types, making it ideal for clinical applications. The ability to perform multiplex IHC reactions allows, reduce the number of slides and cut labor costs by 50%.


Technical specification

Capacity36 slides
Protection against evaporationChamber with side safety clips, reagent dispensing and waste extraction chimney
Reagent stationOne station for up to 40 reagents
Temperature range of antigen exposureFrom room temperature to 103°C; maximum 110°C
Multidispensing needle capacity5mL
Volume of reagents dispensedAntibody: 130uL; Reagent: from 65 minmal to 400 μl maximum
Volume of deparaffinization buffers consumedDS1 – 240uL i DS2 – 200uL
Containers and wasteFlushing buffer (2L), Container for hazardous waste (4L) and non-hazardous waste (4L)
Control unitOne device per computer
Weight of the device125lbs (57 kg)
Dimensions of the device36.5 in x 22 in x 24 in / 93 cm x 56 cm x 61 cm (with door closed)

36.5 in x 36 in x 24 in / 93 cm x 91 cm x 61 cm (with door open)

Electrical requirements120V 110/120V (±10%) 60Hz (±2Hz) 850 watts

220V 220/240V (±10%) 50Hz (±2Hz) 850 watts

Voltage tolerance100 to 240 AC
Noise levelMinimum operating noise 47.0 dBA, maximum operating noise 69.6 dBA
Reports generatedPreparation barcode, patient information, course of staining
LISConnection to HL7 server and connection to MSSQL database