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The Phenom Pro desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) is one of the most advanced imaging models in the Phenom series. With its long-life high-brightness CeB6 electron source, the Phenom Pro creates state-of-the-art images with a minimum of user maintenance intervention.
The Phenom Pro microscope is dedicated to easly acquire SEM images of highest quality with magnification up to 350 000x and image resolution less than 6nm.
The Phenom Pro microscope is the fastest SEM in the market. The time from loading the sample up to acquiring SEM image is less than 30 seconds.
A large variety of sample holders are available for facilitating the fast loading of any sample into the Phenom. From long axial-shaped samples to moist biomaterials, there is always a suitable holder for the sample to be analyzed.
Like in case of other models Phenom Pro can be upgraded by many kinds of sample holders and advanced application software.
The Phenom Pro is equipped with highly efficient CeB6 (Cerium Hexaboride) electron source which is characterized by high signal to noise ratio and high image resolution.
The backscattered detector (BSD) and detection chain are optimized to work together and give results with unmatched signal-to-noise images on a large variety of samples.
The Phenom Pro can be upgraded with the ProSuite application platform. ProSuite offers a variety of software applications that will automate data collection and image interpretation.
Its worry-free maintenance is unique in its product category and maximizes system uptime. With these characteristics, the Phenom Pro can be operated by any staff member, bringing high-magnification imaging within the reach of all lab personnel.
The Phenom Pro is a complete and ready-to-go system. Unpack, install and it is ready for action without the need for a PC, laptop or other peripherals. The Phenom Pro is the most stable SEM microscope on the market. There is no need of using any antivibration system.
The Phenom Pro microscope can be easly upgraded up to Phenom ProX model (upgrade includes EDS spectrometer).


Easy to operate, intuitive user interface.
Sample loading time:
• Light optical: 5 seconds
• Electron optical: 30 seconds
Magnification range: 80 – 350 000X.
Image resolution <6nm (SED), <10nm (BSD)
Easy sample navigation.
Long lifetime electron source (CeB6)
Optimized electron source for obtaining high imaging resolution.
Versatile autodiagnostic system.
Unique sample holders eliminating any risk of damage of detectors o rany part of vacuum system.
Acceleration voltage: 5kV – 20kV optional
CCD navigation camera: perfect correlation between light optical and electron optical images.
Back scattered electrons detector with two modes of imaging:
• Full
• Topographic
Images formats:
Excellent quality to price ratio.
Low power consumption.


• Secondary electron detector (SED)
• Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS, silicon drift detector technology)
• 20kV upgrade
• Temperature controlled sample holder
• Motorized eucentric sample holder (tilt and rotation)
• Resin mount sample holder (diameter up to 32mm)
• Software for automatic fibers recognition and measurement
• Software for automatic particles recognition and measurement
• Software for automatic pores recognition and measurement
• Software for 3D roughness reconstruction
• Software for EDS mapping and linescan
• Phenom programming interface – libraries for automation and customazing of workflow


10-002012-100 – Pin stubs for SEM, Ø12.7, standard pin, aluminium (Pack of 100).

10-002025-10 – Pin stubs for SEM, Ø25.4, standard stub, aluminium (Pack of 100).

AGG3347N – Adhesive carbon tabs, Agar Scientific 12 mm (Pack of 100)

AGG3348N – Adhesive carbon tabs, Agar Scientific 25 mm (Pack of 50)