Lumen X GEN 3

  • Description


Lumen X Gen 3 is a 3D DLP printer (digital light processing technology) ideal for printing from photoinks supports for living cells, microfluidic systems and scaffolds for tissue cultures. Lumen X offers highest resolution and precision on the bioprinting market, enabling creation of complex vascularized tissue models using a 405 nm light source with high printing speed up to 50 times faster than other printing methods.

Typical applications of 3D DLP bioprinting:

  • Creation of 3D models of biostructures, regenerative and personalized medicine
  • Representation of the smallest and at the same time complex constructs
  • Creating new materials
  • Creating microfluidic systems
  • Tissue engineering and scaffold fabrication
  • Creating models of drugs


  • 3D bioprinting technology DLP printing using layer-by-layer
  • Instrument dimensions (WDH) 414 x 373 x 451 mm
  • Weight 15,6 kg
  • Build volume (XYZ) 68 x 38 x 100 mm
  • Build platforms
    –Glass bottom
    – Metal platforms
    – Available in three sizes
  • Pixel resolution (XY) 35 μm
  • LED Wavelength 405 nm (FWHM ± 7,5 nm)
  • Intensity range Do 30 mW/cm2
  • Temperature range RT do 60 °C
  • Sterility UVC sterilization (265 – 285 nm)
    – Autoclavable build platforms and sterile photoink vats
  • Software Onboard: Embedded UI
  • operating systems Windows 11 and Windows 10 V20H2
  • Model file formats .png, .stl, .bmp, .jpg, .gif
  • Display High resolution 10″ touch screen, glove friendly
  • Communication USB A, USB C, Ethernet
  • Power supply unit 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, MAX 320W