CellInk Bio CELLX

  • Description


BIO CELLX by Cellink is an innovative, fully automated Biodispenser that allows for the automatic application of hydrogel containing cells and the creation of diverse constructs and cellular models. Automatic mixing of the hydrogel with cells increases the printing life and ensures uniform distribution in the volume. Working with innovative automated dispensers allows you to print hydrogels made from many materials including Collagen, GelMA, GelXA in temperatures from 0 to 60 °C

BIO CELLX is equipped with the breakthrough and patented Clean Chamber technology – which ensures the highest level of sterility during the entire bioprinting process, thanks to the use of HEPA 14 filters and UV-C sterilization (275nm). Integrated precise cross-linking system UV LED 365, 405, 485, 520 nm, HEPA 14, clear 7” LCD touch
screen, intuitive and simple BioCellX Studio software, give you full freedom in creating the most complex bio systems without the need to use external devices.

Typical applications of a biodispenser:

Creating any constructs, including: drop, drop-in-drop, three-walled drop, line, two lines, 3 lines, matrix, droplet matrix. Making 3D models including: spheroid, organoid, metastasis, immuno-oncology model, tissue, multi-layer tissue, complex organoid model, tumor model.


  • Outer dimensions (L x W x H), mm 765x 580 x 555
  • Build volume, mm 125 x 85 x 38
  • Build surface compatibility płytki wielodłkowe (6 do 384 dołków), płyki Petriego,
  • Theoretical resolution XY, µm 3
  • Theoretical layer resolution, µm 1,5
  • No. of material mixing statio 3
  • Bioink max. volume, mL 3,0
  • Cell media max. volume, mL 2,0
  • Source fluid temperature range, °C 0-60
  • Theoretical minimum droplet size, µL 0,2
  • Volume unit step, µL 0,1
  • Printbed temperature range, °C 4-60
  • Photocuring system, nm 365, 405, 485, 520
  • Filter class, chamber airflow Filtry klasy HEPA 14
  • UV sterilization UV-C (275 nm)
  • Calibration automatyczna
  • User interface Tablet
  • Connectivity Połączenie Ethernet, wbudowana karta Wi-Fi