Specimen Trimming Device Leica EM TRIM2

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Conventional trimming of embedded samples involves the use of razor blades and a great deal of skill by the ultramicrotomist. Using the Leica EM TRIM2, the perfect pyramid and the cutting surface of biological and industrial samples can be produced safely, quickly and accurately in less than 60 seconds.


  • Basic device with fast milling system with motion control in the x-y axes, cutter feed arm equipped with a safe switch,
  • cutter rotation up to 20,000 rpm with precise step control – 1 µm or dynamic progress,
  • lever to determine the angles forming a pyramid with three positions: for observation of the frontal area, top view and milling position
  • possibility of sample rotation for two axes of rotation ± 2 mm and 360 ° rotation with fixed positions every 90 °,
  • the device is designed to install illumination lighting,
  • M80 stereo microscope carrier with adjustable focus,
  • LED light ring allowing even illumination of the working area,


• Additionally,the fibre optic transillumination system (optional) enables location ofsmall samples and translucent objects.
• low-noise extraction filtration unit with Hepa filter for a safe and silent environment
• The IC90 E camera for imaging on an external monitor


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