XY Crosstable

The crosstable unit described here combines small physical dimensions with ultimate positioning precision required in the various fields of microscopy techniques. The entire design is compatible with high-vacuum or ambient atmosphere operation. Linear encoders can read and control positioning operations of all axes down to microscopically fine resolution. Orthogonally oriented driving directions allow fatigue-free and intuitive positioning at Nanometer scale.

The extremely compact footprint allows combining several levels of this unit. A single 19′ microprocessor controller can pilot up to twelve 3-axis crosstable modules. Further extensions can be built up using the integrated CAN-Bus to run up to 30 crosstable modules simultaneously (X,Y and Z each!) – for example to serve robot- and micro robot techniques.

The here described crosstable sub stage will easily adapt to the standard specimen stages of almost any SEM, FIB, or light microscope, and may AFMs.

Typical applications for this crosstable systems are R&D projects, bio-technology, DNA- and cell research, new materials, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), semiconductors (ICs) etc.


  • Materials: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Ceramics
  • Dimensions in mm (L×W×H): ∼ 40×40×22 (XY-Module), ∼ 40×54×35 (XYZ-Module)
  • Coverage in mm: 20×20 (XY-Module), 20×20×20 (XYZ-Module)
  • Movement resolution: < 10 nm
  • Speed range: 4.000 μm/sec. – 0,001 μm/sec.
  • Position measurement: Linear Encoder
  • Controller: Microprocessor Controller, Joystick, PC-Software
  • Housing (rack): 19′
  • number of modules per rack: 12
  • Extensions: per CAN-Bus; max. 30 cross tables (XYZ each)