System EBIC

The ‘Quantitative EBIC System’ is a powerful system that provides many functions for measurement and analysis. It contains an EBIC measurement electronic, a scan generator, a special specimen holder for EBIC, a feedthough flange, and software. With the scan generator the EBIC-signal can be combined with the scan raster of the microscope. The corresponding software provides many functions such as grey scale analysis, line scan, point measurement, EBIC current analysis and much more.

For simple EBIC measurements the ‘Basic EBIC System’ can be used. It contains an EBIC measurement electronic, a special specimen holder for EBIC and a feedthrough flange. The signal output can be connected to the microscope ‘ext’ input. With this system the EBIC-image is handled with the microscope software and controller.


  • resolution <10 pA (depending on the specimen)
  • gain adjustment coarse 103 … 1010 V/A
  • gain adjustment fine 0.1 … 100 × continuously
  • input offset
  • output offset
  • signal inversion
  • zero balance
  • adjustable low pass filter
  • current source for calibration
  • adjustable biasing (+/- 10 V)
  • output for beam current measurement (extern)
  • AC-output* for external Lock-In amplifier
  • signal output to imaging system (0 … 1 V)

Quantitative EBIC