SEM 3D imagining Micro-CT

Micro computed tomography (Micro-CT) for SEM adds true 3D microscopy to your SEM, regardless of manufacturer and model. Micro-CT for SEM extends the surface information gained with conventional SEM imaging by allowing an unique insight into a specimen’s internal microstructure, non-destructively and with ease of use.

Technical Details

  1. Easy to Use
  • Micro-CT for SEM does not require any modifications to the standard SEM construction. It can be used for conductive and non-conductive samples
  1. Precision rotation stage for high resolution imaging
  • The rotation stage with 0.45° minimum step size for high resolution imaging is combined with a motorized linear stage to vary the distance between the X-ray emission point and the object for adjusting the magnification of the X-ray images
  1. High resolution X-ray imaging
  • Micro-CT for SEM features a direct detection air cooled 16 bit CCD camera protected by a Be window, available with a resolution of 512×512 or 1024×1024 pixels. The typical exposure time is 2 to 4 s, the possible range is 0.5 to >100 s. The system provides 32 bit floating point reconstruction with 8 or 16 bit reconstructed slices
  1. Powerful analytical software
  • The software includes an acquisition program, a 3D reconstruction module, a viewing program, a versatile package for 2D/3D numerical analysis of the object’s internal morphology and a program for 3D rendering with realistic visualization and movie creation
  1. Additional specifications
  • Standard X-ray target material – brass (8–9.6 keV), fixation for custom targets
  • Detail detectability down to 400 nm; < 800 nm low contrast resolution
  • Pixel size in the object: 400 nm to 8 μm (depends on magnification)
  • No ring artifacts
  • Reconstruction during acquisition
  • Required e-beam current typically more than 100 nA