MicroSpy® Topo DT

The MicroSpy® Topo DT is a 3D measuring instrument that brings together the benefits of confocal and interferometric measuring techniques in one system. Depending on the measuring task, MicroSpy® Topo DT can be used as a confocal microscope or white light interferometer. As a result, this FRT surface measuring instrument makes it possible to equally distinguish both very smooth and highly textured samples, which can be either highly or poorly reflective, quickly and without destroying the sample. In both modes, the variable measuring field size with a high resolution as well as the high measuring speed are very impressive.

The 6-fold turret of the MicroSpy® Topo DT makes it possible to hold different objectives at the same time, which can be changed quickly by simply rotating. This surface measuring instrument is particularly employed by researchers, in product development and in the accompanying production control process.

System characteristics:

  • Motorized sensor approach with high-precision axis
  • 6-fold turret to change objectives quickly and easily
  • Control and measurement computer with TTF monitor
  • Stitching function to expand the measuring field
  • Vertical scanning interferometry (VSI mode) for quick, artifact-free measurements
  • Phase shift interferometry (PSI mode) for the highest resolution
  • Confocal measuring mode with excellent depth of field
  • User-friendly FRT Mark III evaluation software with numerous evaluation and display options according to DIN-ISO and SEMI standards