Cut-off machine CUTLAM® 4.0

High-capacity automatic cutting machine

The CUTLAM® 4.0 is designed especially for manufacturing companies with high standards who are looking for high-quality and reliable equipment for heavy-duty use with great cutting capacity.

The CUTLAM® 4.0 is a pedestal-mounted single-block machine with an integrated recirculation / decanter tank. The wheel’s vertical descent can be controlled automatically (oleo pneumatic) or manually using the joystick. The maximum cutting descent is 240 mm.

Adapted for intensive use on heavy components, the CUTLAM® 4.0 is fitted with a powerful 5.5 kW motor. The wheel’s speed is adjustable from 1000 to 4000 rpm, the feed speed is also adjustable. 2 cutting modes are available: sequential automatic with adjustable frequency or continuous.

An end of cycle sensor shuts off the machine and automatically raises the wheel after each operation.

The controls are easy to use and intuitive: they are centralized on the 5.7” arm-mounted touch-screen.

The wide cast-iron clamp bench has 6 T-longitudinal grooves and 5 transversal grooves, and as an optional extra may be made mobile along the X and Z axes.

The hood opening clears 3 sides, guaranteeing easy loading of heavy or bulky parts. Removable gates to the left and right enable you to cut long bars.

The multi-point hose over the wheel and part ensures optimum cooling for high-quality cuts and consistent results.

In the standard configuration, the work area is illuminated by an adjustable spotlight, and an external shower head is provided for cleaning the cutting area.

In order to optimize your equipment according to your needs, a variety of accessories and optional extras are available.

Technical parameters:

Wheel Ø 300 to 400 mm
Shaft Ø 25,4 mm
Flanges Ø 100 mm
Max cutting capacity Ø 154 mm or 145 x 160 mm or 90 x 275 mm
(with Ø 400 mm wheel) + opening on left and
righthand side for long materials
Passage under the wheel 190 mm  (with Ø 400 mm wheel)
Vertical movement Manual
Cooling Recirculation system, 140 liters, on casters
Integrated cleaning system, with shower head
lockated outside the cutting chamber
Motor power 5,5 kW
Rotational speed Variable, from 1000 to 4000 rpm.
Lowering speed of thewheel arm To 5 to 200 mm/min in work
Table Double grooved treated cast iron, 400 x 400 mm
Type of groove T groove 12 mm (6 longitudinals, 5 transversals)
Lightening LED
Protection Hood with locking system
Body Strong powder coated steel casing
Pneumatic feeding 6 bars lubricated compressed air
Electrical power  6 kW cumulative
Electrical consumption 24 Ah
Voltage 400 Volts – 50 Hz (3 phases + earth)
Dimensions L x H x D 818 (+ 300 mm with control panel) x 1802 x 1280 mm
Weight 650 kg
Reference 60 CT40A 00

Available accessories

  • Independent double vice (right and left) with fast tightening system
  • Universal clamping vice 61


  • Table with manual longitudinal displacement (X axis) of 180 mm stroke
  • Table with manual tranversal displacement (X axis) of 120 mm stroke
  • Positioning laser