Cut-off Machine CUTLAM 1.1

Manual cutting machine vertical-motion

The CUTLAM® 1.1 is a bench-mounted cutting machine for a wide range of applications. Robust and easy to use, with a deported motor design this machine has a very large cutting capacity.
The CUTLAM® 1.1 allows you to equip your laboratory with a simple, versatile and reasonably-priced machine made from high-quality components.
The fully-opening hood and deported motor allows an easy access to the spacious cutting table made from corrosion-resistant cast-iron. The 4 perpendicular grooves enable you to clamp components of thicknesses up to 120 mm. The CUTLAM® 1.1 can be fitted with Ø 250 mm-300 mm cut-off wheels.
Fitted with a speed adjuster and a powerful 3.8 kW motor, the CUTLAM® 1.1 is perfect for intensive use.
The high-capacity recirculation system with pre-filter and decanter compartments ensures optimum lubrication and cooling by a multi-point spray. The cutting chamber is illuminated by an LED tube.To ensure complete user safety, the hood is locked during cutting and the motor employs an electric brake when stop.
An external shower head combined with a tilted cutting chamber base makes cleaning easy, and a inlet filter ensures that your samples do not fall down the large-diameter outlet pipe.

Technical data

Wheel Ø 250-300 mm
Shaft Ø 25,4 mm
Flanges Ø 80 mm
Max cutting capacity Ø 105 mm (with Ø 300 mm wheel)
Space under wheel 120 mm (with Ø 300 mm wheel)
Vertical mouvement Manual
Cooling Recirculation system, 60 liters, on casters, Integrated cleaning system, with shower head lockated outside the cutting chamber
Motor power 3,8 kW
Rotational speed Variable, from 1000 to 4000 rpm
Table Grooved treated cast iron, 400 x 300 mm
Type of groove T groove 12 mm (2 longitudinals, 2 transversals)
Lightening LED
Protection Transparent hood with locking system when operating
Body Strong steel casing powder coated
Voltage 400 Volts – 50 Hz (3 phases + earth)
Dim. L x H x D 630 x 650 x 820 mm
Weight 125 kg
Reference 60 CT110 00


Fast tightening double vice system
Screw tightening double vice system
Universal clamping vice 61
Cabinet: 1 drawer, 1 storage in the door + Integration of the recirculation tank
Cross-feed table (x-axis) to cut paralel slices