The ATLAS Micro-XRF is the very latest in small spot spectrometer engineering. Made with a myriad of markets in mind, it truly is the most versatile Micro-XRF instrument. Solids, liquids, particles, powders; small and large , as well as rough or polished, nearly any sample can be accommodated.

Where other micro-xrf products are deficient, ATLAS was designed to excel. ATLAS leads the industry in virtually every major specification category from the largest chamber and detector active area size, to the longest mapping travel and smallest micro-spot.

Hardware specifications are only half of the ATLAS AdvantageTM. The ATLAS software platform is simply unsurpassed. The functional, flexible, and feature-rich software suite guarantees unprecedented production. ATLAS is not just an instrument, it is the Micro-XRF roadmap of the future.

The ATLAS™ X Micro-XRF spectrometer (µXRF) from IXRF Systems introduces a new world of x-ray mapping and automation. The ATLAS™ X boasts the largest chamber volume and SDD detection area (150mm2) well as the smallest spot size (5µ) available on the market. Additionally, the ATLAS™ X is complimented by the most comprehensive software suite including multi-point analysis, unattended automation, in-depth feature/image analysis, unprecedented mapping and reporting features, and much more. Models may be operated under air or vacuum as well as Helium flush for liquids and light element analysis.


  • Spot Size down to 5 microns with anti-halo optic
  • SDD Detector Active Area up to 150mm2
  • Larger Chamber Volume
  • 50kv/50 watt tube
  • Multipoint/Multi-Area Automation & Mapping
  • Air, Vacuum, Helium for Solids, liquids, and